Dr Ganesh Ramalingam- Vision, mission and story

In favour of Dr Ganesh Ramalingam, his usual day starts at 6AM by doing scopes, these is also providing the comfort of patients and also stop them from fasting as well as waiting for too long. Just followed by ward rounds to test on the well being of patients, he also assures that the patient is recovering well as soon as possible. More essentially, he also takes some time out of his occupied plan to individually answer for any questions and then cheer up the patients and their families that he understands the extent procedure, which could be emotionally as well as physically demanding time for them. Thus, the doctor ganesh ramalingam completely enjoys his work and also ultimately passionate about his medical practice as a general surgeon.

ganesh ramalingamDr Ganesh vision is looking forward to invest more time with the people whose lives that he can make a big difference. The relationships that he had received are more valuable than anything that he can do for someone else. He also believes that his great gift is providing his time, listening ear and simply show his care to someone who need. Actually, Dr Ganesh Ramalingam got married to Lisa. He and his wife strongly believe in the mission of outfitting people with more resources and talents to be self-sufficient as well as independent. Both of them have enjoyed each and every moment of time by spending volunteering with people. At the end of a day, they would see smile of people’s faces and fill the hearts with pure happiness and joy.