Permanent residency to Australia from India

Permanent residency to Australia for Indian citizens

Australia is one of the best countries to travel to and apply for a permanent residence. Migrating to Australia is one of the best decisions that you can make. The country is known for its beautiful scenic nature and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Various visa categories are offered for various skills and class of people. Permanent residency to Australia from India is granted based on the points based system. An individual is given points based on the education, sex, experience and accordingly visa is granted to the candidates.

Permanent residency to Australia from India

The main documents required for applying a permanent residence is the IELTS score and certain other skill testing report. Select an occupation from the list of opportunities available. A medical report is needed to prove that you are healthy to travel abroad. Character certificate is also required as supporting documents.

The Australian government allows a subsidized legal and health benefits for its citizens. Children born during an individual’s stay are granted Australian citizenship and granted numerous benefits. The completion of a period of five years allows the candidate for a permanent residence. There are many agencies in India that provides visa facilities for its candidates. One can go through these agencies and find out about the visa formalities. However, a certain amount may be chargeable by these agencies. It’s good to be aware about the fake agencies operating in India. The best option is to get a proper reference from friends or family who are settled abroad.

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